Midtown Tabernacle is a church longing to impact its community and its world. We currently support several missionaries scattered all over the globe.


Worship is the gateway to God’s presence. The Music Department of Midtown Tabernacle strives to glorify God and to lead His people into worship. Our goal for every service is to create a unified atmosphere of praise that ushers in the life-changing presence of God.

Worship cannot be contained by one and only one style of music. Just as there are many ways to converse, there are many ways to express our worship. Because of this, we play all manner of instruments as commanded all throughout the Old Testament. We also sing with everything within us and we lift and clap our hands. Some of our songs are upbeat and lively; some are slow and intimate. Some are old; some are new. The style and tempo doesn’t really matter just as long as The Guest of Honor, God Himself, comes and makes Himself known.

At Midtown, music isn’t just entertainment before a sermon. It isn’t something done to tug on the emotions. It’s a connect-point and a conversation between God and mankind. We praise with purpose. And our purpose is to see the glory of the Lord fill the house of God.


Through stories, fun, and engaging activities, we seek to instill in our children both the principles of the Bible and a love for God and His Word.